ACC Modification Request Procedures

Due to recent rulings in the Association realm and issues that have popped up right here in Eagle Watch, it has become evident that procedures for modifications to the exterior of homes and properties must be changed. Effective July 1, 2019, please see the following important changes to the modification review process:

  • A new form is now in place for the approval of all modifications. The new form must be filled out in its entirety and submitted as part of the modification process. No modification will be processed without the modification request form completed in full. Paint color requests will require the additional supplemental paint color form.
  • All plans must be submitted completely for a request to be reviewed. Any request without complete information will receive one request for information. If the information is not provided prior to the ACC meeting, the request will be disapproved without review. A few items to be mindful of:
    • All trees to be removed must have a property drawing with the trees marked on the drawing. The request must indicate the number of trees to be removed. The trees to be removed must be physically marked for review.
    • Landscape modifications must include a landscape plan. The landscape plan must show the location of all landscaping and must be accompanied by a plant material list.
    • Any addition to the residence must include a footprint plan of the addition with measurements and an elevation drawing of what the residence will look like when complete.
    • Hardscape improvements must include a plan drawing with measurements and a list of materials.
    • Shingle requests must include the manufacturer, shingle series, shingle style and shingle color. A sample is not necessary.
    • Driveway modifications must include a plan drawing with measurements and a list of materials if applicable.
  • All requests will be reviewed and either approved or disapproved. There will no longer be conditional approvals.
  • All requests must be commenced within sixty days of approval. You must email the Community Association Manager when the work commences.
  • All requests must be completed within sixty days of commencement. You must email the Community Association Manager when the work is complete.
  • The ACC will perform one final review of the project to ensure compliance with the original approval.

The ACC meets the first and third Thursday of each month. Requests must be received by 6:00 PM on the Wednesday before the meeting.

Modification Request Form

Modification Request Form – Paint Supplemental

Design Standards